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Christian Experience Acts 19:1-10

Download Audio Download text Acts 19:1-10 Now Paul arrives in Ephesus where he will remain for between two and three years, the longest period of residential ministry on any of his three missionary tours. And Luke begins with an interesting and somewhat odd report of the apostle’s encounter with some disciples of John the Baptist. […]

The Day of Salvation Acts 18:1-17

Download audio Download sermon Acts 18:1-17 We’ve been away from Acts for a month, so let me remind you where we are. Paul is in the midst of what is called his second missionary journey. Remember, “journey” is an appropriate description of this period in Paul’s career so long as we realize that very little […]

Making the Argument Acts 17:16-34

Download audio Download sermon Acts 17:16-34 Apparently Athens had not been part of Paul’s plan for this second evangelistic and church-planting tour. He had established churches already in Philippi, Thessalonica, and Berea. Where he would have headed next, had he not run into opposition in Berea, we are not told, but it would probably have […]