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Life After Death Daniel 12:1-13

Download audio Download sermon Daniel 12:1-13 Tonight we conclude our series of sermons on Daniel. I preached my first series of sermons on Daniel in 1983, some thirty-four years ago. It is remarkable how superior the current stock of commentaries on Daniel are to what was available in 1983. Back then there were was really […]

Apocalyptic Daniel 7:1-28

Download audio Download sermon Daniel 7:1-28   With chapter 7 we enter the second half of the book of Daniel and leave behind the more familiar and popular parts of the book. The final chapters of Daniel record visions of the future that Daniel received at various times. As the stories in the first six […]

Things to Come Daniel 2:31-49

Download audio Download sermon Daniel 2:31-49                                                                           Last time we read that Nebuchadnezzar had a disturbing dream and, desperate to know what it meant, had demanded that his advisors describe the dream and then provide an interpretation. Obviously he thought that a reliable interpretation could only be guaranteed if the omen-readers could tell him the content […]