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The Equality and Diversity of the Genders

Audio:   Download Audio Download sermon We have been speaking these past Lord’s Day evenings about the Bible’s characteristically dialectical presentation of its teaching.  By dialectical we mean that it juxtaposes and counter-poses truths but does not harmonize them or mediate between them or their competing interests.  We have divine sovereignty counterposed to human freedom […]

The Universal and Special Priesthood

Audio:   Download Audio Download sermon Text:  Jeremiah 2:4-9 We have been studying, these past Sunday evenings, the characteristically dialectical presentation of truth as a principle of the Bible’s pedagogy, a most important principle that Christians must reckon with in their reading of the Bible and preachers in their preaching if the Bible is to […]

God’s Promises Under a Silent Heaven

Audio:   Download Audio Download sermon We are, once again, paying attention to the Bible’s characteristic manner of stating its doctrine — by presenting the polarities of truth in counter-position to one another, but rarely showing any interest in reconciliation or synthesis.  The truth, as Charles Simeon put it, lies not in one extreme and […]