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The Final Scene, Gen 50:1-26

Download audio Genesis 50:1-26 Download sermon Text Comment v.1       Remember, God had promised Jacob, when he left Canaan for Egypt that his long-lost son Joseph would “close his eyes.” Now we are reading the fulfillment of that promise. The strong bond between Joseph and Jacob is expressed once more in this dramatic deathbed scene, unparalleled […]

The Testament of Jacob, Gen 49:1-33

Download audio Genesis 49:1-33 Download sermon Text Comment v.1       “…in days to come” literally “in the latter days,” a phrase that only appears in prophetic contexts. Jacob was giving a prophecy here. v.4       Once again in Genesis, the eldest son (as before Cain, Ishmael, Esau, and Er) lost his privileged position because of his sin. […]

The Holy Land, Gen 47:28-31

Download audio Genesis 47:28-31 Download sermon Text Comment v.28     That is, Jacob lived in Egypt with Joseph the same number of years that Joseph had lived with his father in Canaan before he was sold into slavery by his brothers (cf. 37:2). v.29     You remember the similar form of oath taken by Abraham’s servant in […]

Blessing the World, Gen 47:1-28

Download audio Genesis 47:1-28 Download sermon Text Comment v.4       As Joseph had foreseen, Pharaoh asked the brothers about their occupation and they replied as Joseph had coached them to reply (46:31-34). That they came “to sojourn” in Egypt indicates that they did not intend to remain there permanently. v.6       The audience went very well. The […]

Reading the Signs, Gen 43:1-34

Download audio Genesis 43:1-34 Download sermon This 43rd chapter continues the story begun in chapter 42. Here begins the account of the second journey of Jacob’s sons to Egypt, which account will not be concluded until 45:15. The chapter divisions, of course, are arbitrary – they were added long after the Bible was complete – […]

God’s Faithfulness and Ours, Gen 41:41-57

Download audio Genesis 41:41-57 Download sermon Text Comment v.42     So many things in this particular narrative – for example, the details of life and government service in Egypt in those days — have been confirmed by archeological research. The title “Royal Seal-Bearer” was well known in the Egyptian bureaucracy. Similarly linen is known to have […]

The Two Kingdoms Genesis 36:1-43

Download audio Genesis 36:1-43 Download sermon Text Comment As we have said before, Genesis is divided into ten chapters, called “toledots.” That is the Hebrew word translated “generations” in v.1. It can also be translated “family history.” The first of these toledots begins in Genesis 2:4, with the account of creation in Genesis 1 serving […]

How Disappointing! Genesis 35:6-29

Download audio Genesis 35:6-29 Download sermon What makes the last half of our chapter 35 – remember the chapter divisions were introduced into the Bible a thousand years after the Lord Jesus Christ – particularly important is that it is the final paragraph of this section of Genesis, the toledot or family history of Isaac; […]

Still Stumbling Genesis 34:1-31

Download audio Genesis 34:1-31 Download sermon Some time has passed. Jacob’s sons are adult men and the family is living in the Promised Land. Text Comment v.1       That strange way of identifying Dinah “as the daughter Leah bore to Jacob” probably indicates “the emotional dynamics of the situation.” [Wenham] Being Leah’s daughter, she was not […]

Christ in the Face of Another Genesis 33:1-20

Download audio Genesis 33:1-20 Download sermon Text Comment v.1       The narrator has not relieved the suspense. We do not yet know what Esau is planning to do. v.2       His best-beloved he puts last, furthest from harm’s way. The family, alas, is still divided in this way. v.4       “They wept.” Esau was obviously well-disposed toward his […]

The Face of God Genesis 32:22-32

Download audio Genesis 32:22-32 Download sermon Text Comment v.22     Only his sons are mentioned; not Dinah, since part of the significance of this episode is its implications for the nation of Israel. v.23     After what were probably repeated crossings of the river he was, at last, alone on the northern side of the Jabbok. v.24     […]

Step by Step Genesis 29:1-14

Download audio Download sermon Genesis 29:1-14 With this paragraph we begin the next major section of the account of the life of Jacob. It extends from the beginning of chapter 29 to the end of chapter 31. Like some other sections of the patriarchal history, this next cycle of narratives is arranged in a way […]

The Stairway to and from Heaven Genesis 28:1-22

Download audio Download sermon Genesis 28:1-22 The opening verses of chapter 28 finish the story told in the final paragraph of our chapter 27. Our real interest this morning is vv. 10-22. Text Comment v.2       Isaac simply told Jacob to “go.” He still didn’t know that Jacob was “fleeing” eastward to escape Esau’s vengeance. [Sarna, […]

Christian Sins Genesis 27:1-40

Download audio Download sermon Genesis 27:1-40 In all likelihood the last two verses of chapter 26 belong with our chapter 27, not with the previous chapter. The narrative picks up there with the distinction being made between Isaac’s twin sons. The interlude of peace and prosperity described in chapter 26, Isaac and Rebekah’s years together […]

Coram Deo Gen 24:29-67

Download audio Download sermon Genesis 24:29-67 Last time we read vv. 10-28 of this same chapter 24, which verses relate the encounter between Abraham’s servant and Rebekah at the well of Nahor. The remainder of the chapter recapitulates everything that had happened so far and carries the story forward to its conclusion. Text Comment v.30 […]

A Grave for Sarah Gen 23:1-20

Download audio Download sermon Genesis 23:1-20 Genesis 23 effectively completes the narrative of the life of the life of Abraham. On my return from vacation, as I mentioned before, we will begin a series of sermons on the book of Acts. I’m not sure when we will return to complete Genesis. Text Comments v.1       Sarah […]

What was God Thinking? Gen 22:1-12

Download audio Download sermon Genesis 22:1-12 What follows in chapter 22 deserves two sermons. After all, the narrative presents us with two radically different life situations: the one that Abraham faced as he prepared to submit to God’s will and obey the bizarre commandment he had been given and the one which resulted from the […]

Waiting for God Gen 21:1-7

Download audio Download sermon Genesis 21:1-7 Text Comment v.1       To say that the Lord visited Sarah is to emphasize that it was the Lord’s direct intervention that caused her, an old woman herself,  to conceive a child with Abraham, her elderly husband. [Sarna, 145] The same phrase is found in 1 Sam. 2:21 explaining how […]

O Felix Culpa Gen 20:1-18

Download audio Download sermon Genesis 20:1-18 We have finished with Lot – we will hear nothing more of him – and now return to Abraham and Sarah as their life goes on, still waiting for the son God has promised them. Text Comment v.1       “From there” in context means the area of the Oaks […]

The Downgrade Gen 19:30-38

Download audio Download sermon Genesis 19:30-38 While you are turning to Genesis 19:30 I want to tell you that we are going to continue our series of sermons in Genesis through the material concerning Abraham, himself. Then we will stop and go to the Book of Acts. Then, Lord willing, we will get back to […]

Barely Saved Gen 19:1-29

Download audio Download sermon Genesis 19:1-29 The two angels who had received Abraham’s hospitality had left for Sodom before Abraham had interrogated the Lord about Sodom’s fate, the conversation we considered last Lord’s Day. We now pick up the interrupted thread of that narrative from verse 16 of chapter 18. Text Comment v.1       It was […]