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God’s Faithfulness and Ours, Gen 41:41-57

Download audio Genesis 41:41-57 Download sermon Text Comment v.42     So many things in this particular narrative – for example, the details of life and government service in Egypt in those days — have been confirmed by archeological research. The title “Royal Seal-Bearer” was well known in the Egyptian bureaucracy. Similarly linen is known to have […]

The Two Kingdoms Genesis 36:1-43

Download audio Genesis 36:1-43 Download sermon Text Comment As we have said before, Genesis is divided into ten chapters, called “toledots.” That is the Hebrew word translated “generations” in v.1. It can also be translated “family history.” The first of these toledots begins in Genesis 2:4, with the account of creation in Genesis 1 serving […]

How Disappointing! Genesis 35:6-29

Download audio Genesis 35:6-29 Download sermon What makes the last half of our chapter 35 – remember the chapter divisions were introduced into the Bible a thousand years after the Lord Jesus Christ – particularly important is that it is the final paragraph of this section of Genesis, the toledot or family history of Isaac; […]