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The Burial of Jesus

Audio:   Download Audio Matthew 27:57-61 We return this morning to our interrupted series of sermons on the Gospel of Matthew.  And we have come to a text that is rarely preached.  It may be read in the course of reading the account of the crucifixion of the Lord, but it is rarely preached, by […]

The Torn Curtain

Audio:   Download Audio Matthew 27:31-56 Text Comment v.32     What Simon carried, Jesus being now too weak to manage, was the cross beam, not the upright, which remained in the ground. The fact that we know the man’s name has suggested to many minds that this man must have become a follower of Christ and […]

Jesus Condemned to Die

Audio:   Download Audio Matthew 27:11-31 Before I read our text this morning, a word on last week’s sermon.  I said, last week, as you may remember, that Judas’ conscience did him a service.  He died a less wicked man than he might otherwise have been for having condemned himself and punished himself for his […]

The Dismal Conscience

Audio:   Download Audio Matthew 27:1-10 Text Comment Chapter 26 ended, as you remember, with Peter weeping bitterly over his three-fold betrayal of the Lord in the courtyard of the palace of the high priest.  Chapter 27 begins with Judas’ bitter remorse over his own betrayal of the Lord.  We have juxtaposed to one another […]

Pious Villainy

Audio:   Download Audio Matthew 26:47-68 Text Comment v.47     Judas is identified as “one of the Twelve” to remind us of the shocking nature of his betrayal and of the Lord’s prediction of it in the Upper Room.  It is a powerful understatement.  None of the Gospel writers make any special effort to blacken Judas’ […]


Audio:   Download Audio Matthew 26:36-46 Text Comment v.36     “Gethsemane” means “oil press.”  John tells us it was a garden, so perhaps we are to think of an enclosed olive orchard with its own press, located we know on the slopes of the Mount of Olives.  We know from the other Gospels that it was […]