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The Pearl of Great Price

Audio:   Download Audio Matthew 13:44-52 We consider this morning three short parables, the first two which have a common theme and the third that links up, in large part, with the parable of the weeds that we considered last Lord’s Day morning. Text Comment v.44     There were banks in the Greco-Roman world of that […]

The Parable of the Weeds

Matthew 13:24-43 Text Comment v.25     The weeds in view are probably darnel or rye grass, a poisonous plant related to wheat and virtually indistinguishable from it until the ears form.  Roman law actually imposed punishment on anyone who sowed darnel among wheat as an act of revenge.  So, once again, as with the parable of […]

The Lord’s Family

Audio:   Download Audio Matthew 12:46-50 Remember, all of this material in chapters 11 and 12 has been concerned with various responses made to Jesus and his ministry.  Most of those responses have been negative and unbelieving.  But the section concludes with a statement about what constitutes a true and faithful response to Jesus, the […]

The Point of No Return

Audio:   Download Audio Matthew 12:38-45 Text Comment v.38     There is a sense in which this request amounted to a demand that Jesus verify his authority – a demand that no one would have made at that time, the Lord having performed already by this time so many remarkable works of divine power, no one […]

The Great Divide

  Matthew 12:22-37 In this section of the Gospel of Matthew, the second devoted to the narrative of the Lord’s ministry, we have been treated to the account of various responses that people made to the Lord.  We have seen the confusion of John the Baptist, the rejection of the Lord by the population of […]

The Way of the Servant

  Matthew 12:15-21 Text Comment v.15     The paragraph is linked directly to the statement in v. 14 that the Lord’s enemies were now plotting to kill him.  Christ’s withdrawal from that place was an effort to avoid further provocation.  However, he didn’t sneak away.  The crowds knew where he was and brought their sick to […]

The Christian Sabbath

Audio:   Download Audio Matthew 12:1-14 Text Comment Jesus has just said that those who follow him will find his yoke easy and his burden light, especially in comparison to the wearying rounds of endless duty required in the system of Pharisaic legalism.  Now these two different understandings of the law of God and of […]