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“Meditation” for Fauré’s Requiem

Download Audio Download Text “Meditation” for Fauré’s Requiem Palm Sunday April 14, 2019 Faith Presbyterian Church – Evening Service Pr. Nicoletti When I told someone I know outside of our congregation about our program tonight … they were puzzled … and I suspect a little put off. Their response was something like “Oookay … why […]

Christ’s Well-Wishers Luke 19:28-44

Download audio Luke 19:28-44 Download sermon Technically, Luke does not tell us that Lord actually entered Jerusalem, only what happened as he drew near to the city. But as the end of the chapter makes clear he did enter the city, the editors of the ESV are correct to entitle this paragraph “The Triumphal Entry.” […]

The Man No One Wanted Isaiah 52:13-53:6

Download audio Download sermon Isaiah 52:13-53:6 Today is Palm Sunday, Christendom’s worldwide celebration of the triumphal entry of Jesus of Nazareth into Jerusalem, just days before he would be crucified and a week before he would rise again from the dead. Palm Sunday is the beginning of Holy Week which, in common usage encompasses a […]