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What We Want, Deut. 5:6-21

  Download Audio Download Text   “What We Want” Ten Commandments Series, No. 11 Deuteronomy 5:6-21 August 5, 2018 The Rev. Dr. Robert S. Rayburn   We conclude this series of sermons on the Ten Commandments with one final reading of the Law, this time from the rendition provided in Deuteronomy 5.   Text Comment […]

The Jealous God, Exodus 20:1-6

Download Audio Download Text “The Jealous God” Ten Commandments Series, No. 3 Exodus 20:1-6 April 29, 2018 The Rev. Dr. Robert S. Rayburn   Text Comment   v.6       This command not to make or worship idols has been described by one biblical scholar as “perhaps the unlikeliest thing that has ever happened.” [Craigie, Deuteronomy NICOT, […]