C-19 Updates

We are holding indoor worship services at 8:15am, 11:00am, and 6:00pm every Lord’s Day! See the below announcements for more information.


Sunday Service Information:
Information about what to expect upon arrival and during the services can be found on our Sunday Worship page.
The weekly schedule and bulletin can be found on our Bulletin & Announcements page.
Sunday School information can be found on our Sunday School page.

FAQ: Service Attendance and Masking:
Answers to questions regarding when to attend and when to stay home, as well as clarification on masking can be found here.

Pastor Nicoletti’s topical sermons regarding the pandemic can be found here.

Portions of Dr. Ryan Gross’s letters to his elder group regarding the coronavirus from a medical perspective can be found here.

Pastor Nicoletti’s fall letter to the congregation and FAQ is available here

Update on Current Precautions



After reviewing the situation in Pierce County, the session has decided to continue with our current precautions (rather than increasing them). As we laid out in our November letter to the congregation, the session is trying to weigh a number of factors in the decisions we make. These factors include responding wisely and lovingly to medical concerns; honoring those in civil authority over us; gathering together as a body to worship; and caring for one another’s spiritual, mental, and emotional health. At this time, we believe that continuing with the same precautions we have followed for the past few weeks (rather than increasing those precautions) is the best way to navigate those different callings the Lord has placed on us. We don’t take lightly that this determination puts us at odds with the civil authorities but we believe it is our church leadership responsibility nonetheless. Overall, we are encouraged by where things are in our county and in our state, and we have begun discussions to determine a date after which we will no longer ask the congregation to follow COVID precautions at church gatherings and events. We are increasingly confident that the end of this difficult season is in sight. We ask for your prayers over our deliberations and for your continued patient adherence to the current precautions as we make these plans, so that we can end this period in the life of our church well – caring for one another in the weeks ahead, and then rejoicing together when this current trial is over.

Hybrid Prayer Meeting begins April 14!


We are excited to resume in-person prayer meeting in the Sanctuary this coming Wednesday, April 14 at 7:00pm! We realize there are some in our number who remain unable to join us in person, and so we will continue to stream the beginning portion of the prayer meeting via Zoom for those folks. The instructions and password for joining the Zoom call will go out as usual each Wednesday.

New Seating Arrangement



This Lord’s day, Sunday, March 28, we will begin sitting in groups of two pews, with every third pew remaining empty.

This seating arrangement enables us to more comfortably reach our capacity limit, while still respecting the current recommended precautions for group limits, and continuing to provide additional risk mitigation.


For those who would prefer more distance between them and others who are singing in their direction, we encourage you to seat yourselves in the rear row of a set of pews, which will still allow for more distance between you and the people behind you (who are facing you). For others without such preferences, we encourage you to seat yourselves in the front row of a set of pews.


Please note that we are no longer asking you to limit the number of households per pew, and so multiple households may occupy each pew that is in use. The empty pew between each set of pews will allow us to provide some limits on the overall size of groups sitting together. Please do not sit in any of the marked off pews.


If you have any questions, please reach out to the church office!