Men of Faith

Pursuing Christ in Community by Nurturing Discipleship through Friendships

Dr. Jeff David, Session Liason

Current Activities:

Note: For the latest info, please see our Bulletin & Announcements page.

Guys’ Discipleship Group, Library – 2:30 – 3:30 pm

ALL High Schoolers are welcome – homeschooled, public, or private!

Prayer & Bible Reading, Conference Room – 6:30 – 7:30 am 

We meet Thursdays at 6:30am in the Conference Room. We are currently reading in the New Testament. Please join us as we read and pray for each other and the world.


Bible Reading:

Each year, Pastor Gutierrez leads a group of men in reading through the Bible in a year, using an app that allows for questions, comments, accountability, and encouragement. If you would like to join this group, please contact Pastor Gutierrez!

Genesis 39 Ministry

Out of a shared concern for the inroads and impact of pornography, a small group of men from FPC began to meet in the Fall 2015 to discuss strategies for addressing this threat to our congregation.  From those discussions emerged a planning committee composed of men from their teens to 70’s.  The name “Genesis 39” was unanimously adopted for this effort, as the account of Joseph fleeing from the seduction of Potiphar’s wife encapsulates the allure of sexual temptation and the most appropriate antidote.

This ministry is under the auspices of Men of Faith. Its purpose is threefold: 1) to promote a Biblical understanding and practice of sexuality, 2) to raise awareness of the ever-present dangers of sexual temptations and raise necessary barriers, and 3) to assist those embroiled in sexual struggles by befriending and speaking the power and hope of the Gospel into their lives wherever they find themselves in that struggle.

Genesis 39 began with a Sunday evening sermon series by Dr. Rayburn.  A Sunday school class for all men, 5th graders and older, met for a time on the last Sunday of each month.

Men’s Breakfasts

Usually held twice a year, winter and spring, featuring a special speaker. Previous talks can be found here.

Men’s Night of Prayer

For many years, before Reformation Sunday in the fall and on Good Friday before Easter, we have scheduled a men’s night of prayer on Friday night/early Saturday morning beginning at 9:00 pm and running to early morning.  This is an evening of readings, food and fellowship, and extended periods of prayer. We warmly welcome all the men of the congregation to attend for as much of the time as may be possible. One is always glad to have gone!

Our next men’s night of prayer is Friday, April 15, beginning at 9:00pm in the sanctuary.

Men’s Discussion Groups

Oktoberfest, held at the Kvale home each autumn, has become the kick-off for our next book to read and discuss together in small groups.

Leaders of Congregational Petitions

Our weekly congregational petitions are led by volunteer Men of Faith. “There are only two ways for a congregation to pray together. Both methods of corporate prayer are taught and illustrated many times in the Bible and we employ both in our worship. Either the text for the congregation’s prayer is provided so they can offer it as one or one person prays for the whole and the congregation joins in the “Amen.” The opening and closing silent prayers, hymns, and the corporate confession are prayers of the former type and the invocation, congregational petitions, the prayer before the preaching of the Word, and the prayer at the Lord’s Supper are prayers of the latter type. The point is they are all prayers, in every case we are speaking directly to God.”  

From “Worship & Prayer” in the Biblical Worship series, Dec 30, 2003, Rev. Dr. Robert S. Rayburn.

Building Monitor

Men, if you are interested in helping as a building monitor during one of the services, please contact Ken Kvale or the church office.  The purpose of building monitor is to keep a watch during the services for suspicious activities.  You would probably serve once during a three-month period.