Missions and Outreach

Missionaries and Ministries Supported by Faith Presbyterian Church

Tim Bentson

Tim Bentson is a son of our congregation, and is now pursuing ordination in the PCA before returning to Osaka, Japan.

Nate and Nikki Bonham

The Bonhams work in Medellin, Colombia, where they provide theological education at the Seminario Biblico Reformado. They have been missionaries with Mission to the World for some time, previously working in Arequipa, Peru with the Gutierrez family.

Care Net of Puget Sound

“To share the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and uphold the Sanctity of Human Life in all stages and circumstances.” CareNet of Puget Sound has had a longstanding connection with Faith Presbyterian Church, which helped to found it some years ago. The agency has multiple centers working to provide free pregnancy tests and other pro-life services to mothers in need.  Kim Triller or Dawn Darby would be happy to answer questions, or more information can be found at their website: https://carenetps.org/.

The Caribbean Initiative

The Caribbean Initiative, with Jeff David as Director, seeks to strengthen the evangelical church in Cuba.  Dr. David is serving with United World Mission.  For the latest news, click here.

Brendan and Erin Connally

Brendan and Erin Connally, both alumni of our Covenant High School, work with the Quechua people of Peru through SIM (Serving in Mission). Brendan works in Cusco as the SIM Peru Field Director while Erin provides dental services to the indigenous people. Click here for a video of their work, or here for an article about them.

Covenant College

Located in Lookout Mountain, Georgia, Covenant College is the official college of the Presbyterian Church in America. Faith Presbyterian Church has many students who attend, and Pastor Robert S. Rayburn served on the board of the college for many years. Students from the church are eligible for a special scholarship. The college’s website can be found at https://covenant.edu/.

Covenant Seminary

Located in St. Louis, Missouri, Covenant Seminary is the national seminary of the Presbyterian Church in America. Pastor Robert S. Rayburn and Pastor Steven Nicoletti are both graduates of the seminary. The seminary’s website can be found at https://www.covenantseminary.edu/.

Kevin Daane

Kevin Daane works with Engaging Disability with the Gospel to equip churches to take small steps to adapt ministry for people with disabilities, resulting in lasting, sustainable changes, so that they may always participate in worship, fellowship, and service alongside others.

Jimmy and Nadia Dukes

Jimmy and Nadia Dukes are missionaries to Huanta, Peru, a city filled with gang violence to which we have long had connections through the Gutierrez family.

Roger and Laura Dye

Roger and Laura Dye serve with Vida en Familia (FamilyLife), a ministry in Latin America, aimed at developing godly families who change the world one home at a time. 

Jay and Holly Eastman

Jay and Holly Eastman work in Berlin, where they have helped to start several church plants in what was formerly East Berlin. They became the directors of the Berlin MTW Team, and now serve as regional leaders of MTW Europe. They continue to work with church plants, and regularly teach courses on evangelism, run children’s summer camps, and help lead missions teams.

Derek and Shannon Ebbers

Derek and Shannon Ebbers work in Romania. There, they work with a church planting team invested in leadership development, English as a Second Language (ESL) resources, university ministry, translation and publication, and Kingstone Academy. Derek works most specifically with the ESL programs in a local university. They are also working to translate the Third Millennium seminary curriculum into the local languages.

Nicolas and Alison Farelly

Nicolas and Alison Farelly work in France, where Nicolas pastors a church in Compiegne. He is also Associate Professor of New Testament and Greek at the Faculté Libre de Théologie Évangélique of Vaux-sur-Seine, and edits the theological journal Les Cahiers de l’École Pastorale. He frequently speaks across France, and has written several books.

Pau and Kim Gualnam

Pau Gualnam is the director of the Reformed School of Theology (formerly the Reformed Bible Institute), the seminary of the Presbyterian Church in India (Reformed). The seminary is currently under construction, and classrooms are being added as funds come in.

Harvest USA

Faith Presbyterian Church supports John Freeman, the founder of Harvest USA. Harvest USA is a program which provides help for those who struggle with pornography and other sexual sins, as well as resources for churches to deal with the problem of homosexuality. More information on Freeman can be found here, and more information on the organization as a whole can be found at https://harvestusa.org/.

Homes of Naomi, Ruth, and Boaz

The Homes of Naomi, Ruth and Boaz are Christian transitional homes for families, single mothers, and individual men and women who are transitioning out of jail or homelessness. Anyone who wishes to radically transform their lives is welcome. If you have questions, talk to Deacon Hans Kvale. Their website can be found at http://www.nwcfn.org.

Hope Russia

HopeRussia (formerly the Slavic Reformation Society) exists to equip and raise up faithful men who will be able to teach others and equip laymen for the work of ministry. They do this through a three-year training experience that includes two intensive courses in St. Petersburg per year at the Biblical Theological Seminary.  During this training period they attempt to combine practical ministry challenges in evangelism and counseling with the study of theology, church history, liturgy, and preaching. The courses are taught by both Russian-speaking teachers and non-Russian speaking teachers using translators. Pastor Robert S. Rayburn and several elders from Faith Presbyterian Church have been visiting professors at the seminary.

In total, Hope Russia helps to connect pastors in Russia and other former Soviet bloc countries across nine time zones. Blake Purcell, the founder of the ministry, also helped to found the first Presbyterian denomination in Russia.

Tom and Leslie Johnson

Tom and Leslie Johnson work with Global Scholars, working to create scholarly resources for Christian studies in secular European universities. Tom also serves as a liaison to the Vatican from the World Evangelical Alliance, representing Protestant Evangelicalism to the Roman Catholic Church. He has even worked on occasion directly with the Pope.

Jason and Monica Klumpenhower

The Klumpenhowers have a long-time connection to our congregation, as Monica grew up here. They serve with GEM (Greater Europe Mission) in the Netherlands.

Tommy and Rosemary Lee

Tommy and Rosemary Lee work with Wycliffe Bible Translators and their SIL program (formerly Summer Institute of Linguistics). They are working in California to help train future Bible translators in linguistics techniques. Rosemary is a daughter of our congregation.

Marc and Aline Mailloux

Marc and Aline Mailloux work with French-speaking Haitian immigrants in Southern Florida, where he teaches at a Haitian Bible School and makes daily evangelistic broadcasts on a local French radio station. He also makes regular trips to Haiti itself and to French West Africa, where he teaches courses to local pastors.

Doug and Kelly McNutt

Doug and Kelly McNutt work with the Trinity Center for World Mission in Uganda. More information on the organization, which provides training for local pastors at the Trinity Biblical Institute as well as other resources, can be found at their website: https://www.trinitycwm.org/tbi/.

Mission to North America

Mission to North America (MNA) coordinates church planting and outreach ministries to serve Presbyterian Church in America churches and presbyteries in North America in their mission to grow and multiply biblically healthy churches. Through MNA, we support the church plant Faith Presbyterian Church in Jenison, MI, which is pastored by Dan Naulty, a former member of our congregation.

We take an annual offering for Urban & Mercy Ministries, a division of Mission to North America, at our Thanksgiving Day service. This offering provides valuable financial support to men and women who are training for ministry leadership among the many people groups who are largely unreached by the Presbyterian Church in America.

Mission to the World

Mission to the World (MTW) is the mission-sending agency for the Presbyterian Church in America. This evangelical Christian organization advances the Great Commission by promoting Reformed and covenantal church planting movements using word and deed in strategic areas worldwide. MTW sends over 600 missionaries to 85 countries around the globe, who work with almost 1000 national church planters. Many of the missionaries we support work through Mission to the World. More information can be found on their website at https://www.mtw.org.

Daniel and April Murphree

Daniel and April Murphree’s work in Myanmar includes helping local church leaders and spreading the Gospel in the Buddhist culture, using the Third Millennium curriculum. Daniel is also currently working remotely on his doctorate from the University of Oxford, studying the relationship between Christianity and culture in Buddhist countries.

Northwest Church Planting Network

“Our strategy is driven by our passion to plant gospel-centered churches throughout the Northwest.”  Please click here for the latest Pacific Northwest mission church postings. The network’s main website can be found at http://nwcpnetwork.com.

The Northwest Church Planting Network also has a program called Learn Local, where cohorts of men gather together to study distance courses from Covenant Theological Seminary online under the mentorship of a pastor or other qualified leader. To learn more and to register click here.

People International

People International works to support the spread of the Gospel among Muslim people groups in Central Asia, from Turkey to former Soviet nations to Northwest China. More information can be found on their website at https://www.gopeople.org/.

David and Sara Perkins

David and Sara Perkins are in Prague, Czech Republic with Serge. David is a son of this congregation, and a graduate of Covenant Theological Seminary. David works with Dignity, a program which provides counseling and trauma therapy.

Persecuted Christians

Our congregation helps to support persecuted Christians around the world through prayer and other means. Each November, we celebrate the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church. Prayer resources can be found at the following locations:


The University of Notre Dame and the Religious Freedom Project have produced a documentary, Under Caesar’s Sword, about how Christians respond to persecution.

A member of our congregation, Farnoush Katouzian, lived in Iran for many years before coming to the United States. Listen to her share some of her story and prayer requests for Iran in a recording found here.

Presbyterian Church in America

Faith Presbyterian Church is a member of the Presbyterian Church in America. “The Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) is the second largest Presbyterian church body and the largest conservative Reformed denomination in the United States. The PCA is Reformed in theology, Presbyterian in government, and active in missions. It is characterized by a blend of Reformed practice and broad evangelicalism.”  If you are searching for a PCA church in another town, here’s the church directory.  New church plants may be found here

PCA Ministerial Relief

We take an annual offering for ministerial relief at Christmas. These gifts provide assistance to pastors who may need to retire early due to accident or medical conditions. They also assist widows of pastors to help keep them in their homes. For more information, click here.

Presbyterian Mission International

Presbyterian Mission International seeks to raise up local missionaries to work among their own people groups, believing this to be in some ways more valuable than having a foreigner come into the locality. All of these missionaries have been brought to the United States to study at Covenant Theological Seminary before returning to their native lands. Missionaries with PMI whom we are familiar with include Paul Billy and Shirley ArnoldKoji and Marcia Esaki, and Natee and Bee Tanchanpongs, as well as several others.

Presbytery of the Pacific Northwest

The Presbytery of the Pacific Northwest is one of the presbyteries in the Presbyterian Church in America and consists of the teaching elders and churches in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, and Washington.

Progress House Association

A work release facility across 6th Ave from the church, Progress House Association is an organization started by Christians which works within the Washington State Department of Corrections to help prisoners get back on their feet and find jobs before transitioning into normal life. Faith Presbyterian Church partners with Progress House in many ways, including providing training for the inmates to grow a community garden and teaching art classes weekly. Deacon Ken Kvale, as well as FPC member Jennifer Sullivan, serve on the advisory board of Progress House.

Kent and Kimberly Rasmussen

Kent and Kimberly Rasmussen are stationed in Cameroon, where they work with Wycliffe Bible Translators to provide linguistics expertise to those trying to translate the Bible into tribal languages.

Reformed University Fellowship

Reformed University Fellowship is the campus ministry of the Presbyterian Church in America. Faith Presbyterian Church supports the following RUF campus ministries:


Daniel and Bethany Robbins

Daniel and Bethany Robbins are in Malawi, where Daniel teaches at a seminary, providing much-needed theological education for the African church. Bethany works with counselor training. Currently, Daniel is completing his Ph.D. at the University of Aberdeen in preparation for the work. The Robbins are heading up the Apollos Initiative.

John and Cathy Rug

John and Cathy Rug work with a church plant in Valparaiso, Chile. There, John, who is blind himself, helps to run the CEMIPRE Foundation, a ministry to disabled people. More information about CEMIPRE can be found here.

Sacred Road Ministries

The Sacred Road team reaches out to the Yakama Nation through a variety of ministries. These include the church plant Hope Fellowship as well as extensive children’s and youth programs. Sacred Road also organizes a series of one-week mission trip teams over spring break and the summer which help to paint houses and do other mercy ministries around the community. Faith Presbyterian Church sends its youth group on one of these trips every summer. Sacred Road has also started an entrepreneurial ministry through the Sacred Road Store.  To watch videos of the work, click here.

Dan and Susan Steere

Dan and Susan Steere work with Equipping Leaders International (ELI) in West Africa. Equipping Leaders International is committed to serving the neediest of Christian leaders who have little formal training or resources. Therefore, ELI focuses most of its ministry in majority (developing) world nations.

Jay and Laura Stoms

Jay and Laura Stoms are ministering to international students in South Africa with Christ Church Stellenbosch. Jay Stoms, a pastor in our presbytery, also does significant work with Biblical storytelling for oral cultures.  Here is a video slideshow of the international student ministry.

Tacoma Rescue Mission

Our Deacons support this ministry which “…offer[s] God’s help, hope, and healing to the most impoverished members of our community.” The Tacoma Rescue Mission provides a multitude of services to the homeless and impoverished in Tacoma. These include a food kitchen which provides free breakfast and dinner to the needy, housing shelters for men, women, and families, a New Life Program to help men exit addictions and alcoholism, and employment for those who have been homeless or in prison. More information can be found at their website at https://www.trm.org.

Khen and Rith Tombing

The Rev. Khen Tombing is the Coordinator of the Presbyterian Church in India (Reformed) in Manipur, India. He and Rith help to run a vast variety of ministries. These ministries include the Agape Babies Home, Rayburn CollegeRayburn High SchoolCovenant Children’s Home, and the Reformed Bible Institute. Taken together, Khen helps to run programs which provide education and shelter to thousands of children, as well as directing a denomination which has planted dozens of churches in the past years. To watch a brief video of the work, click here.

Lindsey Roberts – InterVarsity Christian Fellowship

Lindsey Roberts works with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship at three campuses in the Tacoma area: University of Puget Sound, UW Tacoma, and Pacific Lutheran University.

Pete Williamson – Great Commandments Ministries

Pete Williamson, a minister in our presbytery, works with Great Commandments Ministries in Eastern Washington. Great Commandments is a gap-year program for high school graduates who want to gain a firm foundation in the Bible and theology while also being trained in missions.

Youth for Christ

Youth for Christ works with teenagers across the country to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Faith Presbyterian Church supports Tacoma Area YFC, which runs ministries for teens in urban environments, pregnant teens, teens in the juvenile justice system, and teens at campuses across the city.