Prayer Meeting

Our Prayer Meeting meets every Wednesday at 7:00 pm in the Sanctuary. The Prayer Meeting is the engine of the church, and we believe that the corporate prayer meeting is one of the foremost means which God uses both to bless and to revive the church in the world. Our Prayer Meeting is essentially outward-focused: we support numerous missionaries, and much of our time is taken up with lifting the church across the globe before the throne of grace. For more information on these missionaries, see our Missions and Outreach page.

Prayer Meeting ordinarily begins with a hymn and a short devotional, before the pastor spends time updating those gathered on current events in the church abroad, as well as highlighting congregational prayer requests. We  pray together for about an hour, before closing with another hymn. Around 10-15 times a year, we have a visiting missionary who will give us an update on their work.

Our church leaders are committed to Prayer Meeting and firmly believe it to be essential to the church’s life. They strongly encourage congregants to make this work (for work it is) part of their regularly weekly rhythm.