Snow Retreat 2024

Below you will find all the information you need for Snow Retreat 2024!

Additional Information:

Please do not forget to turn in your FPC and TTR waivers before you leave for the trip. Tall Timber will not allow you to participate without a parent’s signature on these waivers (youth leader’s signature does not count).



Please make sure to bring:
  • Warm winter clothing (including overnight clothes!)
  • Winter boots
  • Slippers or inside shoes 
  • Warm hat, water-proof gloves, extra socks
  • Waterproof, outdoor jacket and pants (especially if you intend to play in the snow)
  • Towel
  • Toiletries
  • Sleeping bag (if you bring sheets to make a bed, bring a good thick blanket)
  • Pillow
  • Bible
  • Pen, pencil & notebook
  • Sunglasses (snow glare can be bright!)
  • Sunblock (Tall Timbers recommends it)
  • Any prescription drugs you may require
  • Snacks. IMPORTANT: All snacks must be kept in main lodge to avoid attracting wildlife.
Please DO NOT bring:
  • Extra cargo: excessive curling irons, radios, skis, etc. Space is limited!
  • Anything illegal: rare birds or reptiles, drugs, alcohol.
  • Anything dangerous: weapons, fireworks, swords, etc.
  • Anything inappropriate.
How to Pack (Important!)
  • Please label your bag and gear with a piece of masking tape (or something comparable) that includes your name, your church’s name, and (once you find out what it is) the cabin in which you will be staying.
  • Our bags and gear will be brought from our vehicles to the cabins by a snow-cat and sometimes get a little wet. Please make sure your items are well packed for this part of their transport (e.g.: do not bring a bunch of loose items, or pack items in a bag that does not zip, etc.). We have used big trash-bags (with labels on the outside) to prevent our things from getting wet.

On the day of your arrival, please call Tall Timber office at 509-763-3127 to let them know when you turn onto hwy 207 (at Coles Corner). That way they will know you are approximately 30 minutes away.

Just as a reminder, their team will plan on greeting you at the winter parking lot. Their large snow sled runs gear to cabins at your groups designated arrival time.

Please have your group label gear with cabin names (tape works great) to help the gear delivery process go smoothly. Any participants that arrive significantly later than the majority will need to carry gear and make their way to their lodging on their own initiative.Upon your arrival, please come to the main lodge to meet our Hospitality Manager who will act as your host for the weekend. At that time we will give you an introduction to camp, go over important safety information, direct you to all your lodging, answer any questions, and provide you with a radio for emergency needs.

Please note that cell phone reception is very poor near TTR. We recommend printing off directions or downloading the map ahead of time. 

Click here for directions:  


Tall Timber Ranch

27875 White River Rd, Leavenworth, WA 98826