Sunday School

Current Sunday School Info:

Children’s Sunday School has resumed! We are so excited that this wonderful ministry for our children can begin again!  We hope and pray that students, staff, and parents are encouraged, uplifted, and energized by this step toward further opening up the life of the church, and that this temporary solution will be a wonderful experience for our children. We ask that you will be in prayer for the teachers who have been working hard on new lesson plans and teaching strategies, and do please pray that circumstances will allow for increased capacity soon. We look forward to again welcoming exuberant Covenant Children to classes this Sunday!

Please take a look at the details below so you and your student can be prepared for the schedule and requirements.



TIME: 9:45am – 10:30am


  • 3- & 4-yr-olds – DeSoto Hall
  • Kindergarten – Downstairs Room 117
  • 1st-2nd Grades – Upstairs Room 301
  • 13rd-4th Grades – Upstairs Room 302
  • 5th-8th Grades – Upstairs Room 304
  • Note: Our precious 2-year-olds do not have a class at this time

PRECAUTIONS: All of our ordinary precautions remain in place, including masking and social distancing. Children 5 years and older must wear a face covering to participate. Children ages 3-4 are encouraged to wear a face covering if possible. Exceptions will be made for children with certain disabilities or health conditions.

PARENTS: We wish everyone could come inside for fellowship, but due to our decision to follow state guidelines regarding capacity, we need parents to remain outside the building*. Make a coffee date, take a refreshing autumnal stroll around the neighborhood, listen to some music in the car…the time is yours!

*An exception will be made for parents of participants who need to wait with children ages 2 and under, and those who need to remain in the classroom with their 3- or 4-yr old

SIGN-UP:  We need to have students signed up with parent contact information which will enable teachers to reach parents easily if needed, and enable parents to leave the property if they wish. This will also help us make decisions regarding class sizes and organization.

Sign up electronically here!

A signup table will also be in the narthex for parents who have not signed their children up electronically.
You will only need to sign up your child once. If you have signed your child up previously, you do not need to do so again!


Drop off: 
  • 3’s – Kindergarten: Parents should escort their children to the designated classroom. If needed, a parent of a 3- or 4-year-old may sit with their child during class, but otherwise should not remain in the building.*
  • 1st-4th Grades: Parents may escort their children to the classroom, but should then exit the building until pick up time.*
  • 5th-8th Grades: Parents should drop their children off outside the entrance and students may proceed to their classroom.

*An exception will be made for parents waiting with children ages 2-yrs and below.


Pick Up:
  • 3-yr-olds-4th Grade: Parents should pick up their children from the classroom.
  • 5th-8th Grades: Students will be released from the classroom at 10:30am.

Families who attended the earlier service are encouraged to exit the building promptly after pick up. Families who are attending the 11:00am service should proceed directly to their seats in the sanctuary.


Sunday School Help Needed!

We need a few volunteers each week for little things!

  • Monitor bathrooms from 9:45-10:30 – Sit in the hallway near the bathroom doors and make sure no more than three kids are in at the same time.
  • Man the outdoor sign-up table at 9:45 for about 15 minutes – the table will be under a canopy! It would be great to have a big list of people to take turns each week.

Please contact Heidi Bone directly and let hervknow if you’d be willing to do either of these things. Thanks!