Sunday School

Current Sunday School Info:

Beginning this Sunday, January 17th, Children’s Sunday School classes will resume the regular full hour from 9:45am – 10:45am. We are also very excited to inform student parents that they are welcome to remain indoors during the hour, with a reminder to maintain social distancing. Since parents will be in the building, 1st-4th grade students will be permitted to leave when class is ended and parent pick-up is no longer required. Additionally, we are ending the registration requirement for new students. Masks and distancing protocols remain the same. Many thanks to all the parents who have been so gracious about the exigencies necessary to keep Sunday School up and running!

Please take a look at the details below so you and your student can be prepared for the schedule and requirements.


TIME: 9:45am – 10:45am


  • 3- & 4-yr-olds – DeSoto Hall
  • Kindergarten – Downstairs Room 117
  • 1st-2nd Grades – Upstairs Room 301
  • 13rd-4th Grades – Upstairs Room 302
  • 5th-8th Grades – Upstairs Room 304
  • Note: Our precious 2-year-olds do not have a class at this time

PRECAUTIONS: All of our ordinary precautions remain in place, including masking and social distancing. Children 5 years and older must wear a face covering to participate. Children ages 3-4 are encouraged to wear a face covering if possible. Exceptions will be made for children with certain disabilities or health conditions.

PARENTS: Parents are welcome to remain indoors during the hour, with a reminder to maintain social distancing.

Drop off: 

  • 3’s – Kindergarten: Parents should escort their children to the designated classroom. If needed, a parent of a 3- or 4-year-old may sit with their child during class.
  • 1st-8th Grades: Parents may escort their children to the designated classroom, but this is not required.

Pick Up:

  • 3-yr-olds-Kindergarten: Parents should pick up their children from the classroom.
  • 1st-8th Grades: Students will be released from the classroom at 10:45am.