Advent, Sabbath, and Release, Deuteronomy 15

“Advent, Sabbath, and Release”  Deuteronomy 15  December 17, 2023  Faith Presbyterian Church – Morning Service  Pastor Nicoletti  The Reading of the Word  We continue our series this morning in the […]

“Psalm 2 and the Advents of Christ,” Acts 4:23-31

Pastor Nicoletti continues the evening series in the book of Acts. CCLI Copyright License 751114; CCLI Streaming License CSPL116892

The End in the Beginning, Matthew 2:13-23

“The End in the Beginning” Matthew 2:13-23 December 23, 2018 The Rev. Dr. Robert S. Rayburn Text Comment v.13 God preserved the life of his son in Egypt as, long […]

The People of the Nativity, Luke 2:1-20

“The People of the Nativity” Luke 2:1-20 December 16, 2018 The Rev. Dr. Robert S. Rayburn I could have chosen any number of paragraphs in Luke 1 and 2 or […]

A Time for Angels, Luke 1:5-10

“A Time for Angels” Luke 1:5-20 December 9, 2018 The Rev. Dr. Robert S. Rayburn This morning we turn from the Psalms to the Gospel narratives of the birth of […]