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WIC Kick-Off Dinner Remarks
Dawn Darby
September 15, 2016

Why the Theme, Sisters in Christ?

This year the WIC Council wanted to highlight the theme, Sisters in Christ. Why did we choose that theme? Because women need friendships with other women and as Christians, we are not just friends, we are sisters.
A couple of weeks ago I listened to Dr. James Dobson’s podcast on this very subject. He said he believes that depression among women has increased because of the breakdown in relationships between women. Women used to live in communities and near their families. Now we don’t know our neighbors and many of us are far from family. We are a mobile society in our neighborhoods and churches. We don’t know each other’s needs and so we don’t meet them. One of the answers to depression is to get into each other’s worlds—meet together, care for one another, pray for one another. It’s easy to be lonely in groups and when you’re new to a place, it can be hard to find friends. But there are answers to loneliness here at Faith and there is hope.


How Can We Be Sisters in Christ?
How can you find friends? How can you become involved? You have to be willing to take a risk—to reach out to someone in friendship, to bring up sensitive subjects.
There are a variety of ways that women here at Faith have found to connect with each other. But first we need to get to know each other and the best way do to that is to just show up. There are people at Faith who have been coming less than a year that I know better than some who have been coming for years—because they show up to things.


Here are a few other ways:

1. Showers—if you don’t know the person who is being given the shower, go so you’ll at least get to know who she is. Then chat with the other women there.

2. Mothers’ Encouragement Group—if you are the mom of a preschooler and you haven’t been to a Moms’ Meeting, you’re really missing out. I’ve seen many friendships form and massive outreach and support among the women in that group.

3. TurboBridge—an easy way to make conference calls for prayer when it’s hard to meet face to face.

4. Covenant Groups—these also involve couples, but there are a number of them going on in our congregation—some for years. If you’re interested in a covenant group, find a friend or a couple and get one started.

5. Bible Study—the Tuesday Women’s Bible Study studies the Bible, but there’s a lot of fellowship and prayer support as well. Over the years we’ve been through hard times (divorces, miscarriages) and rejoicing (marriages, babies). I’ll give the Tuesday Bible study credit for getting one young couple together—but that’s another story.

6. Tea & Talk (also known as Knitting Friendships)—this is a knitting/crocheting group, but I’ve seen women bring their mending and other projects. What do women do when they do projects together? They share their lives.

7. Couples Retreat in the spring—a great time to connect with other couples and be refreshed with your spouse at Lake Quinault.

8. WIC Retreat in the fall—a great time to connect with other women and be refreshed by the ocean.

9. Prayer Meeting—this isn’t just for women, but it is such a good way to get to know our family at Faith and our Christian family around the world. I’ve been going to prayer meeting since 1981 and it was there that I learned to love the Church outside these walls. It was there that I got to personally know people who bring the good news around the world. I’d love to tell you some of the fascinating things we’ve heard from missionaries—conversions in most unlikely situations, exciting adventures in dangerous territories, dead children being raised to life (true story!!)— but I don’t have time tonight. You really need to go to prayer meeting.

We women need each other. And if you think you don’t really need others, keep in mind that there may be a woman out there who needs you.