Sunday Worship

Note: Our ordinary Sunday worship schedule has changed.
For the latest info, please see below and visit our COVID-19 Update page.


Current Service Info:

We currently have indoor services at 8:45am and 6:00pm. The 11:00am service will remain an outdoor service, and there are currently no children’s ministry or nursery activities

Below we have listed all the necessary information for sign up, arrival, and what to expect during the services.

Please feel free to contact the church office with any questions!

Prerequisite information:

  1. Please review the information provided by the CDC regarding what you should know about COVID-19  here and on recognizing symptoms of COVID-19 here.
  2. You should not attend if you have a temperature over 100.4*, if you have symptoms related to, or a diagnosis of, COVID-19, or if you have been exposed in the past 14 days to an individual who has symptoms related to, or a diagnosis of, COVID-19. More clarification can be found here.
  3. Please notify the church office if there has been any exposure to, or diagnosis of, COVID-19 in your household before or after any service.
  4. We encourage those in the “at-risk” group to continue to worship with us via our live stream, which will continue to be at 11:00am and 6:00pm.
  5. If you are hesitant about coming to a gathering for worship right now, we want to emphasize that there are no expectations that you attend, and we completely understand if you prefer to worship at home with the livestream.
  6. At this time, we are only holding worship services. There will be no Sunday school or nursery.


    1. You can sign up for services on our COVID-19 Updates page through Thursday of the preceding week.
    2. We encourage you to sign up for both morning and evening worship services at the same time
    3. We are asking all who are able to sign up to attend a service, so that we can plan ahead for your attendance.
      • Households may (and should) sign-up together. For example, if you are regularly in full contact with your elderly parents, or are a caretaker for someone in the church, or your adult children still live with or spend significant time with you, you should feel free to sign-up for seats together.
      • Signing up helps us plan, enables us to fit the maximum number of people in our spaces, and helps expedite the process of setting up before each service.
    4. The church office is happy to assist anyone who cannot sign up online.
    5. Please alert the church office as soon as possible with any changes.
    6. If you have not signed up but wish to attend a service, we have now made provision for overflow seating at all services!
      • At our indoor services, we will seat anyone who has not signed up first in the sanctuary, then in DeSoto Hall once we have reached sanctuary capacity.
      • At the 11:00am outdoor service, we have significantly increased capacity.
      • If possible, please sign up, or email the church office if you intend to come but have not signed up. However, we are anxious not to hinder anyone from attending services, so if you wish to come, please do so whether you have contacted us or not!

What to Expect upon Arrival:

  1. Parking:
    • Parking is available as usual on So. Shirley St, our side of 8th St, the west (outer) parking lot, or the card shop parking lot. We encourage you to use the west lot for all services.
    • The north end (church office) parking should be reserved for elderly and mobility impaired, or families with small children – think of these as the new “reserved” spots.
    • Please be aware that the alley is a public access road and will remain open and one-way. Parents, please do not let your children play in the parking lot or alley.
  2. Entrance and Exit:
    • For indoor services, entrance to the building will be through the west (parking lot) entrance
    • For outdoor services, entrance and exit to and from the building will be for access to the restrooms only and will be through the north (church office) entrance.
    • We ask that people do not congregate in or travel throughout the building, so that we can control sanitizing efforts to focused areas.
  3. Greeters: A deacon will be available to greet you, and will have a box for tithes and offerings, direct you to your assigned seats, and provide sanitation supplies and the bulletin.
  4. FacemasksFacemasks are required for the duration of the service, please bring one that is comfortable for you. If you are unwilling to wear a mask, we ask that you continue worshiping through the livestream at home. If you have a medical condition which prevents you from wearing a mask, please advise the church office in advance.
  5. Social Distancing: Those attending are asked to observe a 6ft social distance before, during, and after the service.
    • For indoor services, we are asking all attendees to proceed directly to their seats upon arrival, and exit the building immediately after the service, and not to congregate in the sanctuary or narthex.
  6. Bathrooms: The main floor bathrooms will be open for use.
    • A deacon will be allowing access for all services.
    • Please do not use the lower or upper level restrooms
  7. Childcare and Nursery: At this time, no nursery or childcare will be available. Parents of young children should feel free to use the narthex (for indoor services) or rear area of the inner lot (for outdoor services) as necessary. The small conference room in the church office will be available solely for mothers of nursing infants. Social distancing and masking remain required.


What to Expect in the Service:

  1. Announcements and Petitions: An elder or the pastor will give announcements and lead petitions
  2. Tithes and Offering: Tithes and offerings may be given via a drop box at the greeter’s table. No plate will be passed during the service
  3. Congregational Singing: We will be singing as a congregation, and the hymns will be provided in the bulletin. Masks are to be worn throughout. Our indoor services will feature less congregational singing.
  4. The Lord’s Supper: The Lord’s Supper will be served at the 8:45am and 11:00am services. Instructions will be given during the service or in the bulletin.
  5. Disposal of Items: All disposable items (cups, bulletins, wipes) should be disposed of as congregants leave the service. Please do not leave anything behind on your seats.


If you have any questions, please contact the church office, and we will be happy to answer them.




Regular Service Information

Note: Our ordinary Sunday worship schedule has changed.
For the latest info, please see the information above, and visit our COVID-19 Update page.

We have two morning services, at 8:15 am and 11:00 am, and an evening service at 6:00 pm. Sunday worship is the center both of our church and of the Christian life.

As one of our pastors has said, “To a far greater degree than most Christians realize, their spiritual health, vitality, and fruitfulness depends mightily on the church’s worship of God being what it ought to be and its reformation according to the Scripture, the gospel, and the practice of the best and holiest eras of Christian history. With that conviction and to the end of seeking such reformation and the blessing of it for God’s people, we have thought long and hard about our worship at Faith Presbyterian Church and continue to do so” (Robert S. Rayburn).

What should I expect in a Sunday service?

Every element of our Sunday services is rooted in Scripture.

We begin Sunday morning with our minister calling us to worship in God’s name. As a congregation, we then respond to God’s call by singing a hymn of praise. This is followed by a time of silent confession of our sins, which leads into our congregational prayer for the confession of our sins as a church body.  After confession, the minister assures the congregation that if we have trusted in Jesus’s death on the cross for our sins, God is faithful to forgive our sins and cleanse us of all unrighteousness.  Following this assurance of forgiveness, we offer up our gifts in thanksgiving and present our common requests in corporate prayer. We then ask God to speak to us through his word and the minister preaches a sermon from the Scripture. We conclude with the sacrament of the Lord’s Supper. For examples, see a recent bulletin.

The evening service closes the Lord’s day with a slightly abbreviated service. It consists of hymns, prayers, and a sermon from a different portion of God’s Word.

The Lord’s Supper is observed every Lord’s Day at Faith Presbyterian Church alternating between the morning and the evening services. The officers have wanted to retain evening communion not only because all the Lord’s Suppers explicitly mentioned in the New Testament were in the evening, but as well to reinforce the importance of Sunday evening worship as a regular part of the observance of the Lord’s Day. You are welcome to participate in the Lord’s Supper if you are a baptized Christian, a follower of Jesus Christ, and a faithful member or adherent of this or some other congregation, recognized as belonging to the fellowship of Christian believers.

Why do you have both a morning and an evening service? Are they the same?

At Faith Presbyterian, we believe that the whole Lord’s day should be kept holy to the Lord, set aside from the rest of the week for joyful celebration, rest and worship, and works of necessity and mercy. Because of this, our morning services and evening services are different, and we urge the church body to attend both morning and evening. In this way, the church can both begin and end the Lord’s day together, hearing two different sermons from different portions of God’s Word, and uniting in fellowship.

As Pastor Rayburn, one of our pastors, has put it, “Surely we should have a good reason, a very good reason, why we would not make a special effort to be in God’s house, to sing his praise and hear his Word, twice on the Lord’s holy Day. A day devoted to his worship and to the refreshment of our souls in him, surely is very naturally a day that begins and ends in God’s house, among God’s people, with his Word in our ears and his praise in our hearts.”

What is the singing like?

We strive to make our worship theologically thoughtful and musically beautiful. We emphasize full congregational singing of the great hymns of the Christian tradition, accompanied by skilled musicians on the organ, piano, and other instruments. Our music connects us with the generations of Christians who have come before us, and we use hymns whose lyrics are both richly Biblical and which represent the intense warmth of devotion which should characterize the Christian life. The vast majority of our hymns are drawn from the Trinity Hymnal.

What is the preaching like?

The sermon is the center of the service at Faith Presbyterian Church, as we hear the Word of God preached to us by the minister. Our sermons are Biblical, exegetical, and work through books of the Bible carefully. While the pastors seek to offer relevant application, often reinforced by examples from church history, the main focus of the sermon is to “rightly handle the Word of Truth” (II Timothy 2:15). It is our great desire not to bend or twist any passage to fit a particular theological view, but rather to expound the original meaning of each text. We do not shy away from any passage or theme in the Scriptures, but have heard from our pulpit over the years the exposition of every book of the Bible.

What programs do you have for my children on Sunday mornings?

We have Sunday School for all ages in between the two morning services, including programs for children. For more information on that, see our Sunday School page. While we do not offer any children’s programming for children older than two years of age, during the services, we encourage parents to keep their children with them and include them in the worship service. If you have a large family, or you feel that your children may need extra help to sit through a worship service, feel free to reach out as many in our congregation would be happy to sit with and help you.

We want our children to be observers and also participants in worship. We encourage children to participate with the congregation in standing, praying, reading, singing, and heartily adding their “amen” at the end of prayers.

We also encourage you to note in the bulletin when communion or a baptism are coming up, and explain to your child what these mean prior to the service. During the sermon, you can encourage your children to draw pictures or take notes, so that after the service you can review with them the theme of the sermon, and praise their attempts to participate.

Children who are two years of age or younger are welcome to be in our infant nursery and toddler nursery during worship services. The nurseries are staffed with approved workers who have received background checks. In addition, we have a nursing mother’s room available for your convenience.

Can I get financial help at a worship service if I need it?

Yes. Faith Presbyterian Church aims to help those in our community who are in need of financial assistance. You can preschedule an interview for before or after the service with one of our deacons. Please see the Deacon’s Page for more details, or contact the church office.

What else might a visitor want to know before coming?

We emphasize that, when in worship, we are in the presence of a holy God. In order to honor him, most members of the church dress formally for worship services. Many men wear suits and ties, button-down shirts or other formal wear, whereas many of the women wear dresses. However, there is no required dress code, and different styles are seen throughout the congregation.

Our church is a midsized congregation. We generally have around 425 people combined between our two morning services, and around 235 people in attendance at our evening service.