Regular Order of Worship – 8:15 am, 11:00 am, and 6:00 pm

See our order of worship in the Church BulletinSunday School for all ages is available at 9:45 am.  The worship practices at Faith Presbyterian Church are summarized in a series of articles, Biblical Worship Series, that first appeared in our newsletter, Words of Faith.  Watch live.

The English Standard Version of the Bible is our pew Bible.

For instructions on how to download the free ESV app to your smartphone, click here.  The red Trinity Hymnal is our pew hymnal.


The Lord’s Supper is observed every Lord’s Day at Faith Presbyterian Church alternating between the morning and the evening services. The officers have wanted to retain evening communion not only because all the Lord’s Suppers explicitly mentioned in the New Testament were in the evening, but as well to reinforce the importance of Sunday evening worship as a regular part of the observance of the Lord’s Day. You are welcome to participate in the Lord’s Supper if you are a baptized Christian, a follower of Jesus Christ, and a faithful member or adherent of this or some other congregation, recognized as belonging to the fellowship of Christian believers.  For the details concerning our practice of the Lord’s Supper, please see this evening sermon series.

Help Your Child Worship

Please sit together as a family. If you have a large family, you may want to invite single adults to sit with you. This will emphasize that all believers are in the Lord’s family. It will also help singles fulfill their vows to help in the nurture of the covenant children by helping one of your children with the hymns, the Scripture reading, the confession of sin, etc.

Try to impress on your child the fact of getting quiet, praying to God, and getting ready to worship God during the three minutes of silence preceding the beginning of the morning worship service. Tenderly remind them that we are in the presence of the Lord, and are to quiet our hearts before Him at the beginning.

Encourage your child to participate with the congregation in standing, praying, reading, singing, etc.

Encourage your child to say “Amen” after each of the congregational prayers; tell them frequently why we do this.

Note in the bulletin when communion or a baptism are coming up, and explain to your child what these mean prior to the service.

See to it that your child has paper and something to write with. Encourage them to use this and not to write on the offering envelopes. If they are old enough, encourage them to use the paper to focus on the sermon. Discourage the drawing of pictures that have nothing to do with the things of God.

Have your child share with you after the service the things written or drawn on the paper. Praise their attempts to listen to the sermon and to participate in other parts of the worship service.

See also the Parenting Sunday school class.

Nursing Mothers

In addition to the nursery rooms, Room #117, the Women In the Church room, is open and available for your convenience during all Worship Services. The service can be seen and heard in the WIC room.

Child Care

An infant nursery and a toddler nursery are available during the worship services.

Hearing Assistance

If you would like a device to help with hearing the worship service, please see a Deacon in the Narthex.

Large Print

Large print Bibles are available in the narthex.  If you would like a large print bulletin, hymns, or unison readings for use during the service, please contact the church office.


As a courtesy to our neighbors, please do not park on the south side of South 8th Street, on South Winnifred Street behind the church, or where the curb is painted yellow.  Thank you.